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Combining Phone Calls, LinkedIn, Email & Social Media to Build New Sales

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Telemarketing is still a great way of getting sales, but works best as a marketing package.


Gone are the days when everyone went to work at 9.00 and sat at their desk all day. Receptionists would answer phones and put calls through - the role of the telemarketer was simple, persuade the gatekeeper to put you through and then do your thing.

Now work is mobile, it's laptops and tablets, it's voicemail protected, it's google enabled and it's working at a coffee shop using their free wifi as much as it is about sitting in an office.

By combining telemarketing with email, LinkedIn and Social Media the sales message can get still get to those who don't take phone calls.

We can put together a plan to combine one or more services together and start to grow your business. If you already have social media covered, we're happy to work with that team to follow up on leads, speak to prospects and get the most from every sales opportunity.

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Still an effective route to market, establishing the key contacts and buying timeframes. Let's talk and create a plan.

Email Campaigns

Done properly Emails are great at building awareness, loyalty and sales. See how we can help.

LinkedIn Promotion

As the professional forum, let us rapidly build your LinkedIn Presence and start building sales enquiries.

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to build awareness and create interest, but it takes time and creative skills. Let us do the Tweets and Likes.

Starter Package Options


Aimed at the smaller business, looking for a regular flow of sales leads each month.

Telemarketing Combined


For ambitious growth with a dedicated Sales person, looking spend time in meetings and not in the office prospecting.

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A company with a team of sales staff, needing high quality sales meeings which drive sales and increase customer base. With full journey planning and diary mangement to keep on road costs as low as possible.

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Let's discuss a bespoke plan, combining whichever services you need to help grow your business. It can be larger or smaller and allows you to set your own budgets.

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Client Comments

"The team have given a new impetus to our business, gaining new leads while we focus on retaining existing customers.. the company is moving forward"

"Each day I see appointments to meet new customers in my diary...I see our Social Media working and can tweak and change what we do with a call or email.. Brilliant"

"I've not got the time to create emails and social media posts, but I know that if I do nothing our competitors will gain an advantage.... this is the simpliest solution for me, I approve everything before it goes out and feel in control.."

"I can see a clear route to business growth... each month I give a list of companies I want to targt and off they go... companies I've been trying to sell to for years are now becoming clients..."

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